Loose Threads

by Tim Sincere

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Special thanks to Clarissa Johnson for the cover photo.


released March 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Tim Sincere Santa Cruz, California

Tim Sincere writes catchy, Britpop-Americana songs about heartache, pain and drinking.

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Track Name: Every Day Since You've Been Gone
I haven’t really been the same since you left me in the rain last Christmastime
And you haven’t answered any calls. Your phone’s been ringing off the wall and I’m losing my mind

You used to drive me mad. Now I’m missing what we had
Every day since you’ve been gone
You’re half a world away. That’s what it feels like anyway
Every day since you’ve been gone

Your hair is still blocking up my sink. It’s really starting now to stink, but I don’t care
Your mail and your stupid magazines still get delivered every week, ‘though you’re not here

You took all the records and my tapes. You took the dog back to the Cape, and I’m all alone
And now I really can’t afford the rent. I’ll soon be living in a tent with my student loan
Track Name: One More Casualty
Half a dozen girls and twenty songs
Old bus ticket, old guitar
Too many lonely nights and cigarettes
Broken life and busted car

How many teardrops? How many heartaches?
How long before I get it right?

I get through women like I'm drinking beer
First it’s here and then it’s gone
Don’t leave no aftertaste, no aching head
Another girl, another song

Is there room for one more casualty?
Checking in at Hotel Misery
Single room. Single bed. Black and white TV
Is there room for one more casualty?
Track Name: A Black & White Photo Of Gene
Stuck in between an old magazine
There’s a black and white photo of Gene
And it’s faded around where it once could be found
In an album that nobody’s seen

The edges were frayed like the vows that they made
And the distance that kept them apart
No long distance calls. No news from the wars
No cure for her young broken heart

She cries for the lies
With tears in her eyes
And the postcards that she’d never seen
The edges were frayed like the vows that they made
A black and white photo of Gene

The years have flown by and we never asked why
There were letters that we couldn’t see
They say time heals it all, but I’m not really sure
About the black and white photo of Gene
Track Name: Who's Cryin' The Hardest?
I’ll take another shot of whisky
Only way to ease my pain
I don’t need women when the bottle’s almost full
I got nobody left to blame

I flick through channels on the TV
I drink my beer without a glass
I got nobody not to answer questions to
There’s just one question I must ask

Who’s cryin’ the hardest?
Whose tears fell in vain?
Who’s waited the longest time?
And guess who’s leaving without paying?

Who pulled all the punches?
And who’s left waiting in the rain?
Who’s taking the last train home?
But I still miss her all the same
Track Name: Take Away The Pain
Sometimes I wish I could hit the rewind
Or make it all better with the auto-tune
Sometimes when everything’s nice and steady
I go and blow it all away much too soon

I’ve gone and put my fingers in the back of the telly
And I’m smoking like a fuckin’ train
I can’t change the channel and I can't move a muscle
And I can’t take away this pain

Take away the pain
Put it in a field out in the rain
Wrap it all up in cellophane
And say goodbye
Track Name: Back To Wembley
Fourth of July. Saturday night
But I ain’t in the USA
We’re heading up north on the Bakerloo line
And nothing’s gonna spoil this day

London looks like a merry-go-round
I’m sitting on the edge of my seat
I can still smell the dust burning in that old TV

I heard that old song and I couldn’t help thinking ‘bout
Twenty five years ago
It was the Fourth of July on top of a bus
We were heading out to see the show

Tonight I would like To go back to Wembley
And believe it one more time
For the Queen and the Quo and roar of the terrace
We’ll believe it one more time

Now there’s a tear in your eye
And a glow from the back of that old black & white TV
A spirit has gone into the night
A million miles away from me
Track Name: Loose Threads
She’s seen the world ‘round twice
She’s the girl with a thousand guys
She’s a girl in a million beds
But she’s stitching up all her loose threads

He knows he’s taking chances
And she’s watching his advances
As they wander up the stairs
It’s a deaf game of musical chairs

She sighs as she gets older
And he cries as he gets colder
As they’re dining out tonight
He finds she’s lost her appetite

Her pretty painted face
Is no match for the men she takes
And she’s throwing caution to the rest
It’s safety first and second best

How can she be so unhappy?
Will she find it or was it lost along the way?
How can she laugh when her heart is crying?
All she can say is “Someday my prince will come”

She takes him by the hand
Is this love or a one-night stand
As she’s undressing in the dark
With a man set to make his mark

She kisses him goodbye
Inside she starts to cry
Remembering all those times
Of seaside and nursery rhymes
Track Name: Never Gonna Change
She said, "It’s never gonna change"
And I believed her 'til the whole thing fell apart
I knew it would never be the same
And that’s about as much as I’m willing to get into tonight

Now every girl in town wears the same dress as you
Every song I sing reminds me of you
And my head’s in a place I just don’t wanna be
And I’m sorry for feeling sorry for me

We had a different set of plans
Mine were long and hers were kinda short
All this is gonna make me cry
'Cause I’m sitting in my basement all alone on the 4th of July